2002 Bear Page 3!!

These pictures were taken at the whale bone pile on 09-29-02.  There were 21 bears there total, but this digital camera isn't good at picking up the low light shots, so I could only photograph the brave ones who came up to me.

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bear1.jpg (87755 bytes)

Thos scrawny bear came over to sniff the headlights.

bear2.jpg (84367 bytes)

The white part at the bottom of the picture is the hood of the truck.

bear3.jpg (78372 bytes)

Was it something I said?

bear4.jpg (77477 bytes)

Fine...leave if you want to...

bear5.jpg (83440 bytes)
This was not taken with a zoom.  He was sniffing my driver's mirror (with the window open)..
bear6.jpg (61330 bytes)

This one is being shy...

bear7.jpg (83758 bytes)

This one hasn't missed too many meals.

bear8.jpg (85654 bytes)


bear9.jpg (82470 bytes)


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