The Nalukataq Feast

The Nalukataq feast is held in the beginning of summer, and it's a celebration of last Fall's whaling.  The whaling captains pass out muktuk (whale blubber) and mikyuk (whale meat) to each family.  Then the whaling captains stand behind the lean-to, and throw candy over to the kids.

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Nalukataq1.jpg (67604 bytes)

The feast and the lean-to

Nalukataq2.jpg (67645 bytes)

Zak found something to eat that he likes (he didn't care for the muktuk)

Nalukataq3.jpg (111830 bytes)

A bag of muktuk

Nalukataq4.jpg (56018 bytes)

Tam and the kids

Nalukataq5.jpg (56420 bytes)

That entire tarp was covered in muktuk...

Nalukataq6.jpg (109656 bytes)

Hannah getting candy

Nalukataq7.jpg (119381 bytes)

Hannah eating candy

Nalukataq8.jpg (110460 bytes)

Tam and Zak getting candy

Nalukataq9.jpg (120611 bytes)

Tam eating candy

  Nalukataq10.jpg (81399 bytes)

George Akootchook pointing out candy to Hannah


Everyone tried the muktuk (including Caleb), but we just couldn't bring ourselves to like it.  They sent us home a bag of it anyway.

They also sent home some whale meat; that's not so bad.

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