Kaktovik Pics - #1

Here's the booming metropolis of Kaktovik:

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town.jpg (55863 bytes)

This picture was taken from the runway, facing south, at about 1:00 AM

kaktovik.jpg (55575 bytes)

This was also taken from the runway, and shows the whole town

mountains.jpg (48306 bytes)

These are the mountains, taken from the south side of the island, facing the mainland.  This picture was also taken at 1:00 AM

mountains2.jpg (81221 bytes)

The mountains to the southeast

sunset1.jpg (62357 bytes)

This was taken from the runway, facing south towards town on 09-25-02.

sunset2.jpg (81434 bytes)

This one too...

sunset3.jpg (64175 bytes)

The sun is going away...

sunset4.jpg (83088 bytes)

and away...

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So far, we really like it here.  The people have gone out of their way to make us feel at home.  There isn't a lot of crime to keep Rich busy, and neighborhood kids stop by to play with Zak and Hannah, but they usually end up playing with Caleb.

Caleb is Kaktovik's favorite Holschen

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